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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Charles Keelan feat Beatrice Deer - Fear Not

La cinématographie magnifique du centre-ville de Montréal ne fait que renforcer l'espritde dans cette chanson.

The beautiful cinematography of downtown Montreal only enhances the spirit of the lyrics in this song. 

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  1. LYRICS:
    Fear Not when your running on empty
    the lights will go off just a block from your sleep
    Fear Not when your heart is exploding
    the bombs dissipate and you start floating with the sand

    The chair unravels
    you fall from your seat and the scene never ends
    your heads on a pillow
    and you dance until you see the bright smiling sun
    you look in the mirror
    and all you see is a nice empty frame
    and your reflection doesn't reach back with you

    Fear Not when the wind starts blowing your shortness of breath collapses in the rain
    Fear Not when the tide doesn't reach you
    you'll be afloat on the full moon of tonight

    A carrier pigeon
    a note in a bottle and your mails missing stamps
    flowers delivered
    they die in the end but the scent never ends
    Ingredients for a smile
    alot goes a long way when you share it with friends
    then you can see a reflection of yourself

    Fear Not, Fear Not, Fear Not, you've got friends

    Fear Not - You can breath
    Fear Not - you can see
    Fear Not - you can cry all you want

    Fear Not - you've got friends
    Fear Not - you are strong
    Fear Not - you can smile in the end

    Fear Not - you've got friends
    Fear Not - you've got friends
    Fear Not - you can smile in the end.