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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drake - Headlines

Yep we jumped on the bandwagon...Drake's new single Headlines off his upcoming album titled "Take Care"
Drake - Headlines (Take Care 2011) MP3 Download

Montreal Jazz Festival 2011

A short recap clip of this year's Montreal Jazz Festival. Like usual big names made the mark and budding stars showed La Belle Province their talents.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Osheaga 2011 - Janelle Monae

Osheaga has brought another stellar line up to Montreal this year, but one of the most exciting acts that performed Friday night wasn't just Eminem but Janelle Monae also. I.M.Fly is a big fan of her music, which to this day is still hard to place in one genre. Check out here video Cold War, which was released this time last year.

Russell Peters - Best Night Ever

Summer in Montreal is such a beautiful thing. Festivals dominate our summer but one of the biggest year in and year out is the world renowned Just For Laughs festival. Here is a little clip of the Russell Peters gala that took place the other night. Tomorrow we will have a review of the Craig Ferguson show, stay tuned....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JBlu - Raw & Uncut #5

Last week we had the doctor give us a little flavor, now his counterpart JBlu steps in front the lens. Raw & Uncut #5 is captured by our dude Ryman who just keeps it Van Gogh with the camera! Jred & JBlu are Style & Substance.

ART: The Point Of No Return 'Canvas'

Take a look at some sick drawing skills, background music provided by the infamous Immortal Technique.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Preach Ankobia feat Meryem Saci - One More Chance

The official lead single for the movie "Sur Le Rythme". Preach Ankobia doing his thing with Meryem Saci providing strong vocals on the chorus. There is a lot of Montreal talent in the music video and some very familiar faces from our city's dance scene. Take the time to check the trailer of the film also.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Eternal Soul Trailer - Nujabes Documentary

Nujabes was a Japanese hip-hop producer that was breaking down barriers in the international music scene. He passed away last February of 2010 in a horrific car accident just as he was reaching the prime of his career. This is the trailer of a documentary showcasing the talents he possessed. We will keep you up-to-date when the full piece is released.

Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet and Best Day Ever

This kid has a following like none other right now. Mac Miller sells out everywhere he goes and the best part, the majority of his videos cost less then 10k to make. Good looks on the Expos hat in the Best Day Ever video!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Rest In Peace to Amy Winehouse and the saying is true "The good die young". This song holds a lot more meaning now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West: Watch The Throne Documentary

A short documentary showing two of the most powerful people in music collaborating. Take a look at Jay-Z & Kanye West doing their thing behind the scenes for the upcoming album "Watch The Throne". The only question left is will it be a classic?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Side C- Groversmill feat Kirk Kage prod by Skin Deep

Real hip-hop, nothing more needs to be said.

Subway-A short film by Art & Light

There is something about short films and we find it hard to explain. This one caught our attention because it brings three components usually seen in big picture films: dramatic effect, storyline and camera work. The power of humanity is shown in this short piece; the plot speaks loudly so the actors and actress don't have too. Special thanks to Art & Light films out of UK.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ecology Of Love (starring Pharrell William & Dania Ramirez)

Pharrell is something a little different in the entertainment industry. He is a guy that gets respect everywhere he goes for his work ethic and charisma. Now he expands his portfolio even further by teaming up with Dania Ramirez in a short film entitled the Ecology of Love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jred Uncut - Raw & Uncut #4

The doctor is back with a short but sweet video. He spits some bars of knowledge with some dope scenery added in the backdrop. Shout out to Ryman for doing what he does best...putting crystal clear images to the lens.

Moving Mind Studio

Moving Mind Studio's, is a group of men who are slowly making a name for themselves by producing funny short skits about everyday life. Next step SNL...who knows?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bansky Street Art

One of the world's best and most creative street artist. Take a look at
Banksy's work below. Note to all artists this is how you change the world.

Friday, July 15, 2011

TOTEM - Cirque Du Soleil

It all started with a dream by a guy name Guy Laliberté, now it is the largest circus in the world. Cirque Du Soleil has recently opened a new show entitled TOTEM and it has recieved nothing less then rave reviews. Below is a little sample of what you can expect.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nneka: Soul is Heavy

The next Lauryn Hill? Who knows but Nneka drops a new video entitled "Soul is Heavy"; anyone who has heard of this soothing songstress knows there is much anticipation for her upcoming release. It will be titled by same name of her lead single. Nneka is definitively a fly girl!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peesh-Down To Earth Vol 1 (Mixtape)

Peesh brings a smooth flow with those old school simplistic beats; he's a new up-and-comer who grabbed the attention of I.M.Fly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Montreal: The city of festivals, art and beautiful people!

There are many reasons to love the city of Montreal; the video clip below gives you a small taste of what the scenic Old Montreal district has to offer during these summer sunny days.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SonReal-Where's Waldo?

When we were all lil kids, we always wanted to know "Where's Waldo?"