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Saturday, February 27, 2010


When you’re sitting at the top everyone knows your name
But when you’ve fallen like an angel from glory no one sees your pain
Back, back, forward, forward
Magnify the magnitude of my demise; zoom in like it’s a game being played
Spotlight shining on this stage like that of a Broadway play
The deity is me
I’m the actor playing me but I forgot my lines
A monologue performed depicting my life in a play narrated by one yet directed by everyone
Too many hands spoil the pot
But from many one people I did descended embracing cultures like a melting pot
A little bit of this; a lot of that
Now what you have left after these circumstances through which I strive is me
Something like a mosaic created by the different experiences in life I’ve been made to see
The criticism
The praise
The failures
The trumps
The ups & the downs that now cause these smiles and frowns
But through it all I’m made stronger
Like gold through fire I become refined
Like the obese on a diet my image is being defined
Staring back at me is the boy I use to see, sitting on cloud living thee life he ought to lead
Yet here I stand with my head to the ground; there is no hope because there is simply no one to be found

Poem By: Rorey R. Rose (Poetic Rorey)
Drawing by C.R Dubé of Innovative Motion

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Broken Heart

The broken heart is unusual
It comes unsuspectingly
It happens to the best of us
And it reoccurs in the worst of us
Its feeling we wish upon no one
But yet happens to us all
It is masked by words such as
“I’m fine”
“I agree”
“ is time”
And replaced with thoughts of
“I don’t want it to end”
“Please don’t leave”
“I thought it was forever”
If love were a person
The broken heart would be the enemy
Like they say, keep your friends close
And your enemies closer
This broken heart will be so close
That I wish to never feel it again...
Poem by KTH
Drawing by C.R Dubé
Copyright Innovative Motion 2010