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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Artist of the Month: Megan Akiko Del Rosso

Question 1.How did your passion for painting and drawing come about?
I have been in love with drawing ever since I discovered how to hold a pencil and make a mark. My love for painting had developed while I was in high school.

Question 2 Finish this sentence "Art, specifically drawing means ______ to me?"

Question 3 Who are some of your artistic influences?
There are so many artists that inspire me... Audrey Kawasaki, Steven Assael, Heather Horton, Sylvia Ji, Loretta Lux, David Stoupakis, Akif Hakan Celebi, Rick Leong, Diane Arbus...I could truly go on forever!

Question 4 What tips do you have to other artists to stay creative when producing their works? Keep an open mind and try new things. Visit museums and check out other artists as much as possible because there is so much inspiration out there!

Question 5 Do you feel Montreal as a whole supports its artists?
Most definitely! I feel that Montreal is highly conducive to the arts, creativity, and personal expression. There are plenty of festivals, museums, galleries, and events that promote the arts here.

Question 6 We were told that you are very personal attachment to your drawings and paintings, what convinced you to recently start releasing some of your work to the public?

What I do is very personal to me. I never really created anything with the intention of showing/selling but I have recently become open to the idea.

Question 7 What was your sense of direction when designing the I.M.Fly limited edition breast cancer t-shirt?
I wanted to create something that incorporated the emblematic breast cancer awareness ribbon, but I also wanted to give this extremely important cause a face. There are so many people affected by breast cancer and who are fighting for a cure. I thought that it was important to depict an individual who has been touched by it and who is actively working on bringing awareness to people in their everyday life.

Question 8 Where do you see your artistic path guiding you in the next 5 to 10 years?
Well there is one thing that I know for sure...painting and drawing is my passion. Where I will go with it, I’m not quite sure yet. I am considering pursuing a Masters in Art Therapy as I am absolutely enthralled with the idea of helping people through art. I really like the idea of donating work for a good cause; this is something that is currently in the works. I would also be open to showing in a gallery one day if I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do so.

Question 9 Where can fans of your art get in touch with you for personal projects or purchases some of your works?
I am currently working on getting a website up, but for the time being I have a facebook group (Megan Akiko Painting, Drawing, & Photography). If anyone wants to get in touch with me all of my contact information is on there.

Question 10 What is your definition of FLY?
Being committed to what you believe in and wholeheartedly pursuing what makes you happy in life.

Facebook Group: Megan Akiko Painting, Drawing & Photography