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Friday, December 31, 2010

Jess Abran

Support past I.M.Fly artist of the month Jess Abran , by purchasing her new album entitled "The Closet". Supportez une artiste precendent de mois, Jess Abran, en achetant son nouvel album intitulé "The Closet".

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Artist of the Month: Joyanne Thorne

New on the Montreal R&B scene, Joyanne Thorne hopes to pave her on path. This Bajan born songstress has big goals for 2011, and she is well on her way to fulfilling them with the release of her new video "Be Free" (directed and produced by Labnoise). Montreal we introduce you  the last I.M.Fly artist of the month for 2010, Miss Joyanne Thorne!

Question 1 What made you decide to pursue a career in singing?
From the time I was a little girl I was always singing in my school choir, I loved it I would watch amazing singers like Whitney Houston and say to myself that the stage is where I want to be.

Question 2 Which artist have influenced your musical style?
My all time musical influence is Whitney Houston.

Question 3 Fill in the blank. Music makes me feel____?
Music makes me feel " Alive "

Question 4 What was the concept behind your hit single “Be Free”.
The concept was to just live life to the fullest, don't ever look back if someone tells you "' you can't do it"" DO It don't listen to anyone just listen to your heart. In this world there is so much negativity and people that will put you down and honestly we have been given a life to make the best of it. So the reason behind the single is to just don't ever tell your self that you can't or that you won't succeed in anything that you put your mind to.

Question 5 Where do you see your musical career in 5 and 10 years from now?
In 5-10 years I see myself being the best artist musically that I can be. There is always room to learn and grow and with experiencing we always will achieve that. I can say the obvious thing which is performing,touring and living my dreams to the fullest but as an artist I am excited for the next 5-10 years because I will gain much more maturity as an artist.

Question 6 What artist(s) from Montreal and abroad would like to collaborate with?
From montreal I would love to collaborate with Karma Atchykah, I have been a fan and I really do like his style of music. International artist that is a hard question but I would love to work with J Cole.

Question 7 Being from Barbados, do you feel you have an advantage or disadvantage in entering the music industry in Canada?
Being an artist born in Barbados now living in Canada there is a slight advantage because I have been exposed to different cultures. In the islands we have our soca, reggae and dub. I know that people really love to see new artist develop from all over the world. but an artist from the Caribbean brings a certain flavor to there music.

Question 8 What future projects are your currently working on?
Right now I am wrapping my E.P. I think its very important to choose the right music to fully introduce yourself to the industry.

Question 9 When can we see you perform live?
My next performance will be at Tapis Rouge (December 23, 2010), the event is being held by Morburn Music and Reason Entertainment. All proceeds from this event will go to the Sun youth Organization so please come out and support.

Question 10 What is your definition of FLY?
My definition of I.M Fly is whatever makes you happy and comfortable in life. If you look in the mirror and like what you see and smile in my books your fly.

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Check out Joyanne Thorne lattest video "Be Free" directed and produced by Labnoise

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rock THAT Mustache (Movember/Movembre)

Mardi dernier, 30 novembre, I.M.Fly été un commanditaire officiel de équipe five-one-four et leur événement pour collecter des fonds pour la sensibilisation cancer de la prostate. L'événement a eu lieu au Club Rouge et a reuni les meilleures moustaches du l'île pour une nuit “FLY”. Nous tenons à remercier les partisans d' I.M.Fly qui sont venus a appuyé Movember et tout le monde en présence qui en fait une soirée mémorable et “FLY”. Voici la lien au autre photos du événement: Movembre à Club Rouge.

Last Tuesday, November 30th, I.M.Fly was an official sponsor of team five-one-four's Movember fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Awareness. The event was held at Club Rouge and brought out some of the best moustaches on the island of Montreal, the event was rightfully titled Rock That Moustache. We would like to thank the fly fans that showed their support to Movember and everyone else in attendance that helped make it a “FLY” and memorable evening. Click on the link to see more pictures from the night: Movember at Club Rouge

You may not use these pictures without written consent from Bretton Dyte.

Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser ces images sans le consentement écrit de Bretton Dyte.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Natural Bliss

We live in a world of 9-5 
stop and go, rush hour traffic
we came from  places
where humility was not an option
but a way of life
Monday thru Friday
presentations to deadlines
we get absorbed by what to do next
ask yourself what should you do now?
when we were born, life was simple
eat, sleep and play
everyday was a new day
a new playground waiting to be explored
as we got older, the playground shrunk
and the exploration became confined
suddenly we are worried about what to do
where to be
how to get there
the natural bliss is the natural surrondings
we've choosen to ignore
not by choice but by way of life
laptops, cell phone, cars, jewlery
all of these are adjectives we've placed on our life
live, is a verb that should never be conjucated
"I lived, I was living" those words should not leave our lips
So I ask you, "When will you choose to LIVE?"
the beauty of the unseen world 
is one that will leave a lasting memory
a picture gives temporary justice
an expedition to the untouched lands
gives your mind, body and soul
medicine unclaimed by the doctors of today
but by the landowners of the past.

Poem by KTH
Photograph of Tanzania safari by I.M.Fly artist of the month Matt Hood
Photographie  du safari Tanzania prises par I.M.Fly artiste du mois Matt Hood

You may not use this picture without written consent from Matt Hood. 
Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser cette image sans le consentement écrit de Matt Hood.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Power of the Pencil

I sit in front a blank canvas
with a pencil in my hand
the journey of my imagination
will be driven by each stroke of lead
the power of my thoughts
will be reflected in each shading of darkness
my mouth remains shut
my speech is not in words
but reflected in each line I connect
the power of the pencil 
is too strong to explain
every emotion I have bottled up
becomes displayed without shame
my passion exudes from me
like tears from a newborn
thus my thoughts slowly flow
on this blank canvas,
depicting the power my pencil has
my art has handcuffed my hands
until my masterpiece is completed
the power of the pencil
will have my heart arrested
due to the journey my mind fears to take.

Poem by KTH
Drawing by C.R Dubé
Copyright Innovative Motion 2010