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Friday, December 3, 2010

Natural Bliss

We live in a world of 9-5 
stop and go, rush hour traffic
we came from  places
where humility was not an option
but a way of life
Monday thru Friday
presentations to deadlines
we get absorbed by what to do next
ask yourself what should you do now?
when we were born, life was simple
eat, sleep and play
everyday was a new day
a new playground waiting to be explored
as we got older, the playground shrunk
and the exploration became confined
suddenly we are worried about what to do
where to be
how to get there
the natural bliss is the natural surrondings
we've choosen to ignore
not by choice but by way of life
laptops, cell phone, cars, jewlery
all of these are adjectives we've placed on our life
live, is a verb that should never be conjucated
"I lived, I was living" those words should not leave our lips
So I ask you, "When will you choose to LIVE?"
the beauty of the unseen world 
is one that will leave a lasting memory
a picture gives temporary justice
an expedition to the untouched lands
gives your mind, body and soul
medicine unclaimed by the doctors of today
but by the landowners of the past.

Poem by KTH
Photograph of Tanzania safari by I.M.Fly artist of the month Matt Hood
Photographie  du safari Tanzania prises par I.M.Fly artiste du mois Matt Hood

You may not use this picture without written consent from Matt Hood. 
Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser cette image sans le consentement écrit de Matt Hood.

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