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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Power of the Pencil

I sit in front a blank canvas
with a pencil in my hand
the journey of my imagination
will be driven by each stroke of lead
the power of my thoughts
will be reflected in each shading of darkness
my mouth remains shut
my speech is not in words
but reflected in each line I connect
the power of the pencil 
is too strong to explain
every emotion I have bottled up
becomes displayed without shame
my passion exudes from me
like tears from a newborn
thus my thoughts slowly flow
on this blank canvas,
depicting the power my pencil has
my art has handcuffed my hands
until my masterpiece is completed
the power of the pencil
will have my heart arrested
due to the journey my mind fears to take.

Poem by KTH
Drawing by C.R Dubé
Copyright Innovative Motion 2010

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