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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Artist of the Month: David Lion

Question 1: Is David Lion your real name?
Yes, Lion is my middle name.

Question 2: Where did Lionism come from?
Unsatisfied with the title of magician, I began studying mentalism, hypnotism, NLP & the venusian arts with the intention of fusing them all into the poetry of my craft. Now originally when facebook first came out I had written "Lionism" in the religion box as a means of implying that I believe in my own self-defined reality. Then weeks later while still at Dawson, I had performed this powerful demonstration whereas I would touch one person and have another person simultaneously feel that touch and it was then as everyone was reacting that my boy Chad Ashe came up to me and said "..that's beyond magic, that was like some Lionism!"...nuff said

Question 3: Do you believe in God?
I believe in God, not religion. God is the one and only thing I strongly believe in for no reason other than the fact that it feels right for me.

Question 4: What do you talk about most often with your closest friends?
I tend to teach people about the mind every chance I get, so I would say the thing we talk about most together is definitely the mind and how it works. Aside from that we like to talk about our dreams, our lives and our lust.

Question 5: Who is the most difficult person to perform for?
My mom, no question! When I perform I step into this character that enables me to approach strangers and influence their perceptions of reality. See now my mom's the one who brought me into reality, so stepping into a character attempting to influence hers is awkward and nervewrecking for me, but not impossible.

Question 6: If you could meet anybody who would it be?For the longest time that answer would've been Michael Jackson, who in my eyes is the definition of Magic. Now I would have to say Richard Bandler without hesitation. If you were to ask me 'who' God is instead of 'what' my answer would be Richard Bandler.

Question 7: Which art do you wish to master next?That'a a hard question for me to answer because I'm the type of person that likes to learn little bits of everything all at once instead of focusing on one art at a time. If I had to choose an art to focus on and master it would be N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is like the toolbox of communication with ones subconcious mind.

Question 8: What is MagicMusicSexx?
I believe everything works in 3's, think about, myself & I; mind, body & soul; ready, set go..etc. MagicMusicSexx to me is the trintiy of entertainment. For now she's still a baby though, she'll speak for herself when she's grown.

Question 9: Is your Magic real?
For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice

Question 10: What's your definition of FLY?Now there's a challenge to put into words lol I would say to be 'fly' means to be refreshingly unique in a way thats attractive to people. Official Facebook Profile Official Youtube page

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