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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pretty lil skinny bitch

After hearing so many comments on my weight...this is what I have to say...Enjoy! lol!

‘’Pretty lil’ skinny bitch’’
That’s usually the line some use to describe me…
Not too sure about their tone and pitch
But it’s always loud enough for me to hear their plea
A humble request for help to deal with jealousy or…perhaps pity?
I’m never sure about the degree
But one thing is true in what they say of me:

Pretty lil’ skinny bitch…
The vocabulary is so rich!
I can feel the disgust
In the tone of their voice
They blame me for my guts
…Or lack of…it’s choice.

Women often say I’m too frale
Trying to guess the numbers on the scale
Tellin`me ``Girl! Suga’s on sale!!’’
Thinking that they’ll prevail
Into getting me the size of a whale
While still tryin’a figure out ways to get the alpha male
But I ain’t into twisted up fairy tales
Most forget the simplest details
Try to be anyone but yourself and you will fail.

With or without clothes is of no importance to the cook!
If you want a recipe, you still gotta read through the book
And if you care about the way you look
Choose the food on which you’ll get hooked
Wisdom & greens is all it ever took.

Men tend to enjoy looking at my body
And even if they like what they see
I can guarantee it didn’t come for free!
I didn’t get down with any surgery
Or butchered myself in the name of beauty
That is just not a part of me…
I didn’t spend hours in front of the TV
Or stuffed myself watching a movie…
No, no, no…All I ever did was decide to be healthy.

I enjoy having the energy when my man wants to get down and dirty
I enjoy feeling sexy when I’m rockin’ my bikini
I enjoy knowing my body looks even hotter without a belly
I enjoy being Me…In all my physicality.

So if ever you find yourself looking over
Saying: ‘’ This bitch is so skinny! I hate her!’’
Know that I don’t care much for what you think
And if I may, I’d like to refer you a shrink…
And despite any way you may look at it
If I had a dick, you’d be suckin’ it.''

Written by Sonia-Soul B.
All rights reserved.

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