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Saturday, February 11, 2012

SkinDeep - Sample Clearance

@SkinDeepMTL @IMFlyMTL The man behind the music, the producer, the person who is usually responsible for getting fans to hit the repeat button but leaves all the glamour to the ones holdng th mics. That is one way to sum up Montreal's own SkinDeep or a simple way is to say he's one passionate dude when it comes to crafting music. The album starts with a shoutout by the who's who in the MTL hiphop community. Listeners are blessed with tracks from H-Man, Big Bricc of Underground RealRoad, Ceas Rock, ElonSkee, Rico Blox, Krazy K, Style and Substance, Mugz, Mr. Bits, SRH, DShade, The Narcicyst, Loe Pesci, Side C, L.E.S and so many more.

The album starts with a bang with H-Man and Krazy K teaming up on the appropriately titled track Heavy. SkinDeep shows how skilled he is with cutting and repositioning his hand picked samples. Like a well prepared chef each track is laid out for this talented line up of artist to feast upon. Listening to the track Smoke Dogs, J.Red of Style and Substance presents Montreal his improved lyrical skills and speeds up the pace of his delivery as SkinDeep seeps suddle zylophone melodies in the background. The next track "Baby" features MTL's youngest rap team The Black Glovez expressing their realities of today's love life. "Pointer" is like a family reunion and brings back memories of weekday mornings watching Seasame Street; The Narcicyst steps to the plate and reminds us why he is one of the most respected MCs not just in the province of Je Me Souviens but all of Canada; "So if you see me fly/ I'm (himmie) high laughing because the game rubed me the wrong way and let my Genie die, Aladdin!"

The following track SkinDeep shows us why he is one of the best producers in our city by sampling Frank Sinatra's "It Was A Very Good Year" and getting Mr. Bits spit a bedtime story about his past life and the movements he made to survive. Bits reminds us the joys of hustling at such a young age by proclaiming "Damn it felt good to be young and way overpaid!" . His lyrics on the track are picturesque and make us feel as if this track could be apart of Belly sequel soundtrack. H-Man gives some slick lyrics on "People In Your Area" and SkinDeep prodution makes this the perfect track to start your day. The cornet in the background along with the simple keyboard playing remind us a day full of promise ahead and being surronded by all your people. Hoshi is just some fun loving music where SkinDeep gets creative and sample a fun loving kid in the background. The quick playing piano with the simple drums keep any listners head tilting back and forth. Big Bricc Freddie 5ive, K. City, and Mr. Kon just keep it real throughout the track.

"Fair Warning" is a track that ranks as one of our favorites on the LP; L.E.S and Rico Blox show their lryical prowess by trading bars over SkinDeeps smooth beat and Drex's cuts. This track stayed on repeat so we could conceptualize every lyric as each bar is drowned with sysnonyms and rhymes of intelligence. Rico makes a statement to all rappers on the island by spitting "How the fuck you gonna romp with a 2 headed monster/ 4 legs and 4 arms and fire arms for arms to fire on more (rounds)/ When these lions form Voltron/ Hatters get to sweating, I suggest you roll on!/ Bars on the ceiling fan/ Over yea head/ Know the ledge/ Don't rock him when he's close to the edge/ Even in third person/ My POV felt/ I do for myself and beg for G-O-Ds help..." To sum it up Sample Clearance is much needed for RealCity, it shows that throughout the loses of Bad New Brown and Matt "Dutch" Garner the city is stll strong and knows the path to success is stronger together then apart. I.M.Fly makes this album a must listen so as a little gift we've provided the download link below. Give us your feedback and tell us which is favorite tracks.

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