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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dekizzle's Patch #1

One word that defines my movie watching as of late ...

Honestly ... I have no time with school work training and life on my plate ... so dedicating 2-3 hours to sit down and watch verbal jousts and special effects on the silver screen is just beyond my available time frames...

Then after a long day of work, i can still hear my dad voice echoing in my mind ... " remember time is money but you cant buy time"

Ironically this movie talks about just the opposite of that

"Just once id like to wake up with more time on my hands than hours in the day" - Will Salas

Watch it and ill explain after the clip

This TRAILER is less of a film and more of a concept ...

How it is going to play out in the end ("film-wise")only the lord knows. the casting seems questionable nonetheless though Justin Timberlake has been doing great snits on Saturday Night Live, moving onto acting roles in films such as "alpha dog" and "bad teacher" and finally carrying the romantic comedy "friends with benefits" opposite Mila Kunis. The real test of how ready he is to carry a full film by himself will be thoroughly criticized when it comes out.

But back to the TRAILER,

first "time is money"
In the film, the aging gene is taken out of human beings at birth and replaced by calculated time to be used as currency. So in the near future,the rich can live forever and the poor die young ( 1 full year after 25 if you do not pay up ) to control overpopulation in the world.

Second " money makes the world go 'round"
the movie touches the idea that money is the root of all due to the fact that they cannot LIVE (literally) without it ... in the film once you run out of the available currency which is TIME itself simply ... DIE ...

Lastly , it touches on the overpopulation of the world
who gets to decide who lives and who dies ? the rich ? the good ? the bad ? the poor ? clearly, one of the many points of this movie is that nobody should have the power to decide .Even near the end of the TRAILER the protagonist becomes a sort of futuristic Robin Hood that takes charge with the decision making of the state through the "steal time from the rich to spread through the poor" ideology that even then is questioned due to the fact that "bad" people can attain immortality.

Long story short, when you put all of this together it gives you a conceptually sound and intriguing TRAILER which clearly left me in complete and total anticipation and excitement for the film.

It might sound like a lot of thoughts for a 4 minute clip but something about this caused a stirring in my heart to see more, to understand, to comprehend the film that is "In Time"

Hope yall liked it as well ... sometimes you just gotta share it with the im fly family

what "1984" is to Privacy
"IRobot"/"Bladerunner" is to Humanity
"In Time" is about the currency... Marxism... working class vs the aristocrats...same story different stage ...New Ridiculously Cool Concept nonetheless

Honestly, scholastic writing styles aside ... this movie is just looking stupid cool im PUUUUMPED :):):):)

Spread your wings and fly out yall

Sincerely, Dekizzle

Dont get shot and stay up


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