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Monday, May 2, 2011

L'artiste du Mois / Artist of the Month: Eric Clement

Many people claim to be an artist but very few can back it up. Eric Clement has been as creative as they come. Art and music have always been apart of him since a young age, and all those that witness his talents believe the limit is the sky for this creative thinker.  Mr. Clement uses his imagination to break down barriers of what is “real”, he is a promising artist that hails Montreal as his very own stomping ground. Ladies and Gentlemen, I.M.Fly is proud to present April’s artist of the month, Mr. Eric Clement.

Question 1 How did you get into music and then make the transition into painting?

I started out in music pretty young. I played guitar in a band with my older brother and some of his friends. I think the first time I played a show on stage I was 13 years old. I remember sneaking into bars at 16 and playing the show then trying desperately to get someone to buy me a drink or two. I wouldn’t say I transitioned into painting because actually art came before music. I have been drawing as long as I can remember . In a lot of ways I think the music and art sort off feed each other. Side C (my hip hop group of 10 years) was actually formed when I was taking art classes with Dre(drummer) and Dekoy(dj/producer). But by then I had been collaborating with Rigo(mc) and Strath(mc) for several years after meeting in high school.

Question 2 How do you define yourself as an artist?

I’m not sure a definition is something I can apply to myself. I can definitely trace a lot of influential factors in my artistic development. Getting into graffiti in high school shaped me a lot as an artist and person. I met a lot of the friends I would later work on art and music with through Graf so it was very important in shaping my identity as an artist. If somebody put a gun to my head and said DEFINE YOURSELF I guess I would say my work is for the most part graphic and clean.

Question 3 What/Who do you use as influences when it comes to creating your paintings?

I mean I think I’m like most artists in that I draw inspiration from everything around me. My work contains a lot of little inside jokes and elements that  in some way or another seep into my consciousness. I also spend a lot of time just looking at images whether it be coffee table books, magazines, or newspapers. In terms of who influences me I would have to give some credit to my buddy Earth Crusher he has been a long time friend and collaborator. Seeing the work of other artist always influences me not necessarily in terms of style or method but it gives you a little kick in the ass to maybe do more and work harder.

Question 4 How can you best describe the painting methods you use?

It all depends on what type of work. If I’m working a design or illustration I spend a lot of time just sketching out various elements. Once I have a basic idea of how to render whatever I’m trying to do I will switch to good paper and ink it out adding little elements here and there as I go to give the finished product a cohesive look. As for painting I start out the same way really sketching out the elements I’m painting and mapping out a composition. Working on a painting is a little different in that the painting tends to sometimes have a mind of its own….I mean sometimes I start the piece with a clear image of what I want it to be and sometimes the end result is vastly different . I try and stay open to that and let the pieces flow. If I’m working a mural or something I will from time to time just freestyle, that’s a lot of fun to do from time to time. 

Question 5 Where do you see yourself as a artist and person in 5 and 10 years from now?

I hope in 5 to 10 years I will 5 to 10 times as busy. In all honesty I just hope to be doing what I’m doing now which is making art music and enjoying life. Oh and being filthy rich would be alright too….the type of rich where you light a smoke with a c- note

Question 6 You are stranded on a desert island and you can only have 3 things with you, they would be?

1) My girlfriend Frances 2) an Ipod with a never ending battery full of my favorite tracks. 3) a couple hundred packs of matches…I think for anything else I could  make it Robinson Crusoe style.

Question 7 Painting makes me feel_____? Music makes me feel ____?

Painting makes me feel Accomplished, Happy , At Peace. Music makes me feel Hyped up, Happy and Challenged

Question 8 What is the biggest accomplishment you have made in your young artistic career?

Its hard to say. I have been lucky enough to meet amazing people and be a part of some really rad events. One event that sticks out for is having had the chance to perform  right before Talib Kweli at the Concordia street show a couple of years back…I remember looking out at the crowd and thinking godamn this is the biggest crowd I have ever been in front of …pretty wild feeling.

Question 9 Given the chance, name one person in the past or present you would like to sit down and talk with?

Christopher Walken. He is one of my favorite actors, he has played so many different roles and he seems like a pretty rad/weird guy. Id have coffee and a cigarette with him.

Question 10 What is your definition of being FLY?

Being Fly is being confident, being proud of who you are. Being Fly is saying yes instead of no and accepting challenges and crushing them.

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