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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Artist of the Month: DJ Paolo Rocco

DJ Paolo Rocco has been creating a buzz in the city of Montreal the last couple years, due to his blend of smooth and elegant House with a spice of R&B. He finds himself as one of the most requested DJs in a city known for its club and party scenes. I.M.Fly had the chance to visit DJ Paolo Rocco during one of his sets this past weekend. We are proud to introduce to our I.M.Fly community this month "I.M.Fly Artist of the Month", DJ Paolo Rocco.

Question 1: When and why did you start Djing?
My father used to put dance cassettes for the car together as far back as I can remember. When we used to take a drive and he used to play these mixes, or when I would hear the club mix on the radio, I just thought I would be good at it. I always enjoyed music but I never realized I was in love with it. When I was around 16 years old I spent all my money made from working at Uniprix on DJ equipment with the desire to have my own business. Through the ups and downs my relationship with music became stronger then my ambition to become successful. Achieving success was not enough; achieving success by doing what I had a profound passion for is what my goal became.

Question 2: In five words how would you explain your style of Djing?
My niche as a DJ is House music. Deep, Techy, funky, clubby, soulful, kinda sorta are words that probably comes close to summing up my style of House music. But I hate categorizing and would insist on someone listening to me live a few times and them deciding what best describes me. If I hear a track and it triggers an emotion and I could listen to the same song on repeat, there is a good chance you will hear it in one of my sets. As for a style of mixing I like to make the songs I play my own. I'm not just going to blend one song to the other. I'll play with effects and do various tricks with the tools I have and really just enjoy myself by trying different things when it comes to the technical aspect. I try my best to be a show. If people say "How the f*ck did he do that", or "this guy is crazy", I delivered what I wanted. That and someone dancing all night is the biggest compliments I could ever get and it's truly humbling.

Question 3: Who are your biggest influences?
I have so many...I know I am going to leave some out but here goes, in no particular order Dennis Ferrer, DJ Gregory, Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega (MAW), Quentin Harris, Daft Punk, Axwell, Bob Sinclair, Basement Jaxx, Pharrell/Neptunes, Jamiroquai, Ryan Leslie, Michael Jackson, Darkchild, Jazzy Jeff, Julien Jabre, Donald Lauture, Pat Boogie, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and of course family, friends, fans of music, God and life itself.

Question 4: What is your definition of success?
If you have succeeded in achieving your personal state of happiness and then shared it with the world. For me that's building a life of love and financial freedom with family, friends and positive people; and by building this, by doing something you truly love and have a passion for. That alone is not enough. You have too share every step of the way with others to help them achieve what makes them happy, never forget where you’re from, and give back to the world that helped you.

Question 5: How do you feel about the present state of Djing?
The art is being lost. Not because computers make it easy to get by or because there is a lack of talent in this world; but because of saturation. People are not always exposed to a true DJ that does it out of passion.

Question 6: If there was one artistic talent you which you had other then Djing, what would it be?
Play instruments. Being a disk jockey and a musician are two very different things. Just because you’re good at one doesn't mean you’re good at both. In fact rarely does that happen. I produce my own music as well as spin, and I know my way around the keys, but one day I will learn how to play classical piano.

Question 7: What is your favorite part about Montreal?
Definitely the people. I love how there are so many cultures in one city. It has taught me so much and opened up my mind.

Question 8: When you are not Djing or producing, you are doing ______?
Sleep? Kidding, I am very thankful to have amazing friends and family to keep me busy and grounded. There is nothing I enjoy more than good company, whether it's out with friends, lunch with family, playing soccer with team mates, or simply a phone conversation with someone you can talk too.

Question 9: Tell us about your current projects and where we can get the full DJ Paolo Rocco experience?
Right now I am concentrating more on producing my own music and getting it out to the world. I would love to have a fan base for my original material in hopes that I will get booked as a DJ for it. I am striving for the day I get booked in a different country where everyone knows what I am about before I even start my set. You can catch some of my tracks and remixes on youtube or soundcloud. I have many more tracks I am keeping to myself and some remix projects for various labels that should be coming out in the near future. As for Djing wise, the best night to catch me when I spin my monthly event at the Wunderbar (W Hotel) on top of the many other guest spots that fill me up with an average of 3 gigs a week. Facebook is probably the best way to keep up to date with what I'm working on

Question 10: What is your definition of FLY?
Ones confident state of mind. We are what we believe ourselves to be, and we become who we think we are. If your state of mind is confident, you will give off positive vibes and the universe will respond back in a positive way. Therefore making you fly.

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You Owe Me (Paolo Rocco Remix)-Nas-TEASER by Paolo Rocco

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