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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Birth of a Prince

The date you are born is a pretty important day that you’ll never remember.  Thank god for that.  We all need to be born to exist, but there are many other days that are much more important that shape the kind of person you end up becoming.  A young boy learns how to play guitar at the whorehouse that he hangs out at and James Brown is “born”.    A teenage girl listens to a few old blues albums and Janis Joplin is “born”.  I was raised on TV, People Magazine, Nintendo, and Crystal Pepsi so it was hard to narrow it down, but after a few minutes of hard thinking I was able to pinpoint the exact “birth date” of the Fresh Prince of Montreal.

In 1995 Shawn Kemp was everything an eleven year old kid wanted to be.  He was tall, blocked shots and could dunk.  For the 95-96 season Reebok decided to give Shawn Kemp his own shoe called the Kamikaze.  I had to be the first person with this pair of shoes, not everyone liked them the design was a bit ugly and the shoe was heavy, but I had to have them.  

I exhausted every avenue, I had to get this shoe, but being 11 means a few things.  You can’t drive, you aren’t allowed to be by yourself, and it’s illegal for you to work.  These are key things when you have to earn enough money to buy a pair of shoes, so I begged my mom day and night for these shoes.  Now I know what some of you (white people) are thinking. 

                “Why didn’t you save up your allowance and get them?”


                “Why don’t you just buy it with your chore money?”


                As a young black kid those two ways of acquiring money are not an option.  This is because we do chores because our parents make us, and the incentive for doing things around the house means not getting a beating.  


Also allowances in a black household is you get to take the cans back and buy something from the store with it.....unless your mom needs to buy groceries with that bottle return money.

Anyways after months of begging one day before a basketball game there was a box with size 11 Reebok Kamikazes in there.  I was the only one in the world (the 6 local elementary schools) to get them.  As soon as I opened the box and had a chance to look at them I thought they were extremely ugly and regretted the purchase, until I tried them on.  They looked real Fly, but only on me.  This was the day I was “born” and was also my earliest encounter with swagger.  Ever since that morning I have been a junkie for the newest coolest shit.  It’s worked out real well (Xbox 360, Nike Prestos, Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and really poorly (Sega CD, and NASCAR Race Jackets).

So basically what I plan on doing on here is posting what I think is cool, and posting my general opinion on things.  I think women, shoes, clothes, and videos are cool, and my opinions will pretty much consist of how I feel about any of those at any given time.  Why am I doing this?  One reason is because I live in the greatest era there is.  I am able to find anything I want just by typing it into a keyboard, I have an inconceivable amount of information at my disposal , people are constantly finding new and improved ways to be creative, everyone gets along well enough, and women are as beautiful as they’ve ever been.  If you can’t find something interesting to blog about in 2009 there is something wrong with you.  The last reason is to help out my boy Kamil. If me making fun of you or someone like you on the internet generates buzz for IM Fly then I win. 

This should be fun and I hope you guys enjoy laughing with me.



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